Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Lunette Cup Giveaway

With the new Cynthia cup arriving soon we decided to host a new Lunette Cup Giveaway!
If you are on Facebook you can use the 'Contact' option on the left of our Facebook Page to submit your entry. If you follow us on the blog or via newsletter, simply submit your answers via email to

Here's what I need to know for your entry:

Your name and email address (so I can contact you!)
and answers to the following questions:
* what essential oils are used in the Lunette Liquid Wash?
* where does the Lunette come from (country)?
* why do you want a Lunette cup?
* what color and size would you choose if you should win?

I will draw a winner June 21st. Good Luck!

(have trouble finding the answers? Check out store and our blog )

1 comment:

myricksl6 said...

Thank you for this giveaway!