Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Opportunity to Save

Have you noticed our pads go up in price with absorbency?
That is because we use bamboo blend fabrics for all soaker layers and the materials are expensive (but well worth it).
Here's a little secret though:
Compared to other brands we are generally very generous in what we label medium/heavy/etc. meaning compared to other brands you may get an extra layer and extra absorbency.
What does that mean to you?
If for example you have been successfully wearing a heavy absorbency pad in another brand, your best option when trying out Domino Pads may be to start with a medium absorbency pad in Domino Pads.
You will end up with a thinner pad at lower cost than if you simply shop by absorbency levels based on what you may have worn previously in other brands.
By the same token if you have never found a cloth pad that has had enough absorbency/capacity for you, we just may have the pad for you!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Confused By So Many Options?

With so many absorbency levels to choose from we thought it would be helpful to create a little guide!
We distinguish between liners and pads. Therefore petite liners, pantyliners and thong liners are intended for use on light days, slight discharge or as back up to cups.
They will most likely not be completely sufficient for moderate incontinence or heavier menstruation days.
While on first glance it looks like we offer simply 4 different absorbency levels in the pads we want you to be aware that you are actually also looking at two different designs. Pads without the 'extra' specification have the same absorbency level throughout the whole pad. Pads with the 'extra' specification have an additional layer of absorbent material directly in the center of the pad.
For example a heavy absorbency pad may be more appropriate (or vice versa) in some situations than a medium extra simple based on your specific flow pattern.
These vary by individual as well as situation:
Sitting all day in the office? A medium extra with extra absorbency right in the center and trimmer/thinner ends may be perfect!
Looking for a pad to sleep in? The heavy with equally strong absorbent layers front to back may be your best choice.
As always if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me through the website!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Design Change to Liners

Based on customer feedback we decided to make a small design change to the pantyliners and petite liners. You've asked for trimmer, thinner liners and here they are!

This design change affects only petite liners and pantyliners. Our thong liners are a different design all together and will not be affected by this change.
What in particular has changed?
Our pantyliners still consist of 1 top layer, 1 absorbent bamboo blend layer and 1 color coding layer to make it easy to tell all of your pads apart.
We have changed the type of bamboo blend layer we are using and also have chosen a different fabric for our color coding layer.
This change has resulted in a significantly thinner pad and we hope the new design finds your approval!

We have a small number of ready to ship pantyliners and petite liners available on closeout sale on our Facebook Page for 30% off!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Red Eye - White Eye - do you know why it's important?

I wanted to share this adorable picture of baby Charlotte with you. Her mom, Sara, gave me permission to post it in hopes of spreading awareness of an easy to detect childhood cancer called Retinoblastoma. She wrote more about it here on her blog:
Sara's Blog
What makes this cancer different is that we have a tool in our homes that can detect a typical symptom early on: a camera!
Since the tumor is inside the eye it affects how light from the flash of a camera is reflected back in low light conditions. Normally we get that red-eye effect due to the blood vessels in the back of the eye. In an eye affected by Retinoblastoma however, that reflection in white.
Knowing this information you can easily detect by looking at Charlotte's picture, which eye is affected by Retinoblastoma and which eye is healthy.

On a technical note: some cameras digitally alter the color in a process called red-eye-reduction and pictures may appear to show white eyes due to that digital alteration. If your camera offers red-eye-reduction, please turn it off, if you are trying to take a picture for this purpose.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Labor Day Sale

If you have been holding off for a great coupon code to try Domino Pads, your time has come!
From now until midnight on Monday you may use the coupon code LDAY for an additional 10% off anything on our site even already discounted items such as package deals and starter kits.
The coupon code is NOT retroactive, meaning it is only applied to orders being placed this weekend - not orders that have been placed in the past.

Thanks and spread the word!

Book Review: Period. A Girl's Guide

If you have visited our restructured website recently you may have seen our book page. I am in the process of working my way through quite a few books on the subject of menstruation.
Funny how something we usually try not to think about too much can be so interesting once you pay attention to it!
I am starting my book review with a book aimed at young girls and her parents.
My own daughter is only 3 but we get quite a few inquiries for pad sets for teenagers.
And what a great idea! Why not start out with your very own set of beautiful, comfortable, reusable menstrual products.
So I started researching book for young girls on this topic and found my favorite in this one:
Period. A Girl’s Guide by JoAnn Loulan and Bonnie Worthern
The book itself is divided into two parts. The main part is the Girl’s Guide to Menstruation, the second part is the Parent’s Guide.
The Girl’s Guide includes illustrations and a glossary with pronunciation instructions. Right from the start the book puts great emphasis on how we are all different and that it is perfectly fine this way. The authors foster a positive body image without placing too much emphasis on external things.
The tone of the book is gentle and informative. It is not the funniest or most excitingly illustrated book I’ve ever read on the subject but what makes it more desirable to me than other books with the same target audience is that it completely leaves out sex education, giving the parent an opportunity to broach that subject on their own terms.
As you can imagine the chapter I am most critical about is the chapter on menstrual products. Of course the focus is on disposable materials. Worse though it starts of with a sanitary belt implying that ‘maybe your mother wore one, but most certainly your grandmother did’.
I think it’s time to edit that out of the next version. I am almost 40 years old and I am certain that not even my grandmother wore a sanitary belt.
It came as a pleasant surprise that the authors in fact did mention –ever so briefly- that some people preferred to use reusable pads and cups because they felt they were better for the environment and better for their bodies.
They also included some natural remedies to ease menstrual discomfort and a calendar section.
Despite its few shortcomings I found it to be the best book on menstruation for girls in that age range of 9 to 12 I have seen so far.
(I liked it so well I decided to offer it as an add-on option to our gift sets).
If you are interested in other books on the subject I have created a summary book page on our website

The next review will be on a book for older girls and women: My Little Red Book