Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Butterfly Bamboo Pads Now Available

We have added our new hand stamped butterfly bamboo pads to the drop down menu in our individual hand dyed bamboo pad section.
While they are not available in the package deal section, quantity discounts such as stash discounts still apply.

Sorry -not available in Quince Pads and due to the size of the pattern not suggested for thong liners.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Want To Be A Part Of It?

Do you own Domino Pads?
Do you have a video camera (phone or web camera is fine too of course!)?
Has your wash routine been satisfactory to you and your pads are still looking great?
Would you like to be in one of our next Domino Pads video productions?

We are looking for participants in a Domino Pads video about care of the pads.

As we have seen in our previous discussion lots of different people take care of their pads in lots of different ways. And best of all:
It all works!

So for the care video I would love to feature short clips from actual Domino Pads users on how they keep their pads looking like new.

How short of a clip? We'd like to know:
- are you washing them separate or with something else? (diapers, etc.)
- do you soak them or use a cold rinse?
- what temperature are you washing them at?
- how long have you owned your pads?
- are you doing anything special you'd like to mention or share any special tips?

Interested but no idea what to expect of a Domino Pads video? You can see our previous video here.

So what are you waiting for? Featured participants will also receive a small surprise for their efforts. And fame of course! ;)

If you are planning on participating please give me a heads up via email so I can start planning for how many prizes I will need!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ultralite Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our new line of Ultralite liners we are having a little Giveaway.
Up for grabs are 2 thong ultralite liners, 2 petite ultralite liners and 2 regular pantiliners in ultralite absorbency.
I will pick 6 winners and shipping is covered no matter where you live.
Participation is easy enough:

1) pick the liner you want to win (select the corresponding # on the picture)
1 - Thong ultralite with Robert Kauman Asian Paisley Minky
2 - Pantiliner ultralite with hand dyed and stamped bamboo in On Fire
3 - Pantiliner ultralite in Minkee Gelato Raspberry Slush
4 - Thong ultralite with Robert Kauman Asian Paisley Minky
5 - Petite ultralite with Robert Kaufman Owls Minky
6 - Petite ultralite with hand dyed and stamped bamboo in Still Waters
2) email me your selection (one) to along with your name and the answer to the following question: what is the temperature recommendation for washing Domino Pads?

As always you can find the answer easily on our site

I will draw the winners on October 30th.

Thanks and Good Luck!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You Traveling Without A Spare?

I remember when I still used disposable products I always had a tampon in my purse.
Especially when you don't use hormone based birth control it's often hard to predict the specific day your period will start.
After switching to cloth a few years ago I stopped carrying that spare tampon.
I am not sure why. I do remember being caught without protection somewhere away from home. Annoying! Uncomfortable! Embarrassing :(
And so after several years of this I had the brilliant idea to carry spares again!
I have an extra cup in the glove compartment in my car* and I carry an extra pad in a pad envelop in my purse. So nice to know that wherever I go, I have what I need. :)

For pad envelops and other storage solutions, please see our store:
Batik Wetbags and Pad Envelops
To find the perfect color for your spare cup see here:
Lunette Cups and Accessories

*in regards to concerns about exposing the Lunette and other silicone cups to extreme temperatures I got the following response from Lunette:
our Lunette is made of the highest possible medical-grade silicone that can handle extreme temperatures. It has to, because it comes from Finland. And our winters are freezing!
It can also handle hot temperatures just fine. So you can store your Lunette in your car, don´t worry.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ordering Special Edition Bamboo Velour Owl Pads

Monday, October 3rd will be the day we post our hand stamped and painted bamboo velour choices on Facebook!
There will be a total of 15 different fabric pieces for your consideration with 2 different owl motives.
It took me quite awhile to develop the perfect process for this. The stamps were made to use with paint but of course paint that would cover the fibers would affect the texture of the fabric so we had to think of a way to stamp with dye instead of paint. Unfortunately dye doesn't adhere to the stamps!
We had to come up with a carrier medium that would adhere to the stamps and accept the dyes. The image was left to dry and ironed. Afterwards a fine brush was used to fill in details and the fixative was painted over the image.
Normally dyed fabrics are immersed in the fixative but in the case of stamped images this would destroy the image and was not an acceptable solution.
Only after washing and drying the pieces can we be sure what the final result looks like.
Who would have thought that stamping an image onto fabric would turn out to be so time intensive?!
The way ordering will work is that you will order through our site Domino Pads and therefore choose your desired absorbency, etc. but you must reserve the piece of fabric you want in our Photo Album on Facebook.
The pictures will be posted October 3rd.

1. look through the photo album. The pictures will include info on colors as well as fabric size. Choose the appropriate fabric piece and 'claim' it by commenting. Every one listed is an OOAK (one of a kind)
2. order the pad you want made out of it (make sure size matches) and choose 'owl pad' in the drop down menu for bamboo velour patterns.
3. check out. Under your shipping info is a field for "special instructions'. Use this field to specify which piece of fabric you have reserved.
That's it!

This is a limited edition production. There are 15 pieces to be sold though the website/Facebook and 1 piece is being sold at auction on Hyenacart.