Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Giveaway/New Product/ New Freebie!

We are introducing a new product at Domino Pads:
Pad Envelopes!

Not sure when to expect your period?
Keep a pad in your backpack or purse, securely stored in our pad envelope. The envelopes hold one regular sized pad and are made from sandwich PUL so they are discreet, durable, easy care and spill proof (in case you are using your purse as a carry all for your kids snacks and water bottles like I do)

So what about these?
  1. you can purchase one in our wetbag section
  2. you can get one for free with any pad purchase of $75 or more!
  3. you can win one as part of our new giveaway
For the month of July our giveaway will center around storage solutions for pads. Who can enter? Anybody who needs to store Domino Pads! So if you already own Domino Pads or have some on order - this Giveaway is for you!

What are the prizes?
  1. First Prize: Dual Batik Wetbag of your choice
  2. Second Prize: Pad Envelope
  3. Third Prize: Pad Envelope
How to enter? Email me at with the following information:
  • your name
  • your email so I can contact you
  • what material Domino Pads do you own or have on order (bamboo - natural or hand dyed, minkee, silkee)
That's it. We are accepting entries until August 5th. Winners will be drawn August 6th

Saturday, July 16, 2011

FREE Wipes!

For a limited time we are giving away free Lunette wipes with Lunette cup purchase - a $4.99 value!

The wipes are a great way to disinfect the cup before your period or after when you get ready to store it away.

A word of caution: if you are like me and don't bother with instructions you may be tempted to mistake these as personal hygiene wipes... DON'T!

Let's just say it's beyond refreshing if you try ;) - these wipes are for the cup only!

To get your free box of wipes when you order your new Lunette cup or Lunette Starter Pack simply add a box of wipes from the separate listing to your shopping cart and enter the coupon code FREEWIPES.

Please note: There's an option to add wipes to your cup order by checking a box underneath the cup choices- this will NOT work with the coupon code so in order to use the coupon code you will need to add the wipes from their separate listing

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update: Turnaround Times

Domino Pads has grown over the last few years and now includes retail shops on 3 different continents! The order volume has increased so much that I had to hire helpers this year.
It's been wonderful to be able to share the opportunity of earning a small income from home with other women.

However just due to logistics of coordinating with another person rather than doing it all myself in house we will have to adjust our turnaround times slightly. Our new turnaround estimates on orders are as follows:

Since our pads are highly customizable they are made to order. Turnaround time is generally 10 days or less.

I will send you an email notification, before I ship, with tracking info. If you do not hear from me within 10 days of ordering, please contact me. Please allow more time for larger wholesale orders - approximately 3-4 weeks.

Obviously if we manage to get your order out sooner, we will!