Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Domino Pads Video

Not quite sure what Domino Pads are all about?

Check out our new video. Still got questions? Contact me via our website

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am taking a little vacation.

All retail orders placed already will go in the mail before I leave of course.
Larger wholesale orders will be completed and mailed when I get back.

Will the shop stay open while I am gone? YES!

In fact shop away. Just be aware that the turnaround time on orders will be around 14 - 18 days during this time.

To sweeten the deal and to also further celebrate our Facebook 1000 accomplishment I am offering a 10.00 % off coupon until I get back from my little road trip.

Coupon Code is ROADTRIP


Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 1000 Facebook Liker Giveaway!

We've reached our goal of 1000 Likers on our Facebook Page and to celebrate we are giving away two (2) mini stashes.

The mini stash consists of 5 pads of your choice.

To enter our Giveaway please submit the answers to us either by email to or via the Contact tab on our Facebook page

IMPORTANT: Do NOT post your answers in the comments section ;)

Here are the questions:

* your contact info (name and email)
* do you own any Domino Pads already?
* Why do we make our Domino Pads WITHOUT the use of hemp?
* Do Domino Pads contain any animal products such as silk or wool?
* Do Domino Pads come with any kind of warranty?

If you are not sure of the answers you will easily find them on our website

Good Luck! We will draw the winners July 1st

(can't wait that long for a Giveaway winner announcement? Remember our Lunette Cup Giveaway is still going on until June 21st!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Because 5 is Awesome!

My little guy turned 5! In many ways life before kids seems like an eternity ago. But I remember how anxiously we were awaiting his arrival and I can't believe my baby is now this tall little boy with big plans and ideas.

Five seemed worthy of some kind of special something so I decided to create the 'Mini Stash' Discount. As you know on Stash orders of 10 individual pads or more the shopping card automatically applies a 10% discount to your order and since it happens without the use of a coupon code you can add a valid code (such as our Facebook Liker Code) on top of that!

From now on we also have the Mini Stash discount. Just like the Stash Discount it is applied automatically and applies a 5% discount to any individual pad order of 5 to 9 pads

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Lunette Cup Giveaway

With the new Cynthia cup arriving soon we decided to host a new Lunette Cup Giveaway!
If you are on Facebook you can use the 'Contact' option on the left of our Facebook Page to submit your entry. If you follow us on the blog or via newsletter, simply submit your answers via email to

Here's what I need to know for your entry:

Your name and email address (so I can contact you!)
and answers to the following questions:
* what essential oils are used in the Lunette Liquid Wash?
* where does the Lunette come from (country)?
* why do you want a Lunette cup?
* what color and size would you choose if you should win?

I will draw a winner June 21st. Good Luck!

(have trouble finding the answers? Check out store and our blog )