Sunday, April 19, 2009

New, new, new!

Lots of exciting changes at Domino Pads!

1. Based on customer feedback I have slightly adjusted the sizing on the petite size pads. They are now approximately 2.5" wide instead of the standard 3". (I am 5'10" so I really rely on customer input on this one. Suggestions are always welcome!)

2. We now also offer the LONG pads in light and medium absorbencies to accommodate customers that might find the regular pantyliners and regular pads do not give them enough coverage - check out our new Plus Size Section!

Check it out WHERE you ask?
3. We now have our very own shopping cart on our website and no longer need to rely on HyenaCart or Etsy. I think you will find it easy and fun to use. Discounts are applied automatically. I tried to make it very organized and completing transactions should be much easier than with our HC store.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now in Living Color

Domino Pads are now available in hand dyed OBV!

The technique I use for these is called Low Water Immersion Dyeing. It yields a very varied and interesting pattern. Each piece is unique and exact colors will not only differ slightly from batch to batch but also within the same piece of fabric.

Natural, un-dyed pads are still available as well.