Monday, June 6, 2011

Because 5 is Awesome!

My little guy turned 5! In many ways life before kids seems like an eternity ago. But I remember how anxiously we were awaiting his arrival and I can't believe my baby is now this tall little boy with big plans and ideas.

Five seemed worthy of some kind of special something so I decided to create the 'Mini Stash' Discount. As you know on Stash orders of 10 individual pads or more the shopping card automatically applies a 10% discount to your order and since it happens without the use of a coupon code you can add a valid code (such as our Facebook Liker Code) on top of that!

From now on we also have the Mini Stash discount. Just like the Stash Discount it is applied automatically and applies a 5% discount to any individual pad order of 5 to 9 pads

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