Tuesday, January 11, 2011

For 2011: Design Change on Medium Absorbency Pads

For the new year we are starting off with a small design change to the medium absorbency pads. Previously medium absorbency pads were almost as thick as our heavy absorbency pads.
We have been working on a pad design that more clearly puts the medium absorbency pad between the pantyliner and the heavy absorbency pad.
The new design sports the same absorption capacity as before but with a lower profile. A super absorbent - but very thin- bamboo blend goes all the way from one end of the pad to the other. The center third of the pad has an extra layer to handle more moisture in the middle.

The new medium absorbency pad fits great even under very fitted clothing. Testers have responded very positively to the design change. I hope you will like it too! :)

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