Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't Pull Your Pad's Life Short

While it is technically possible to fold the pads into themselves and create a neat little package by snapping them packaged like that, we just wanted to mention that we do NOT recommend this.
On first glance this may seem like a great idea to keep a soiled pad. It can however affect your pad's lifespan in a negative way:
* will stretch the fleece liner sideways and widen it over time. Your pad will be more prone to shifting
* will stretch the needle holes and weave. Your pad will be more prone to leakage

Due to the breathable design of the pad moisture can also be pushed through the pad and still soil whatever you keep it in under the pressure of having it folded and snapped that way.

The best way to transport your soiled pads is of course to put them in a moisture-proof container such as our batik wetbags. If you are on a budget even our reusable sandwich bags would work well! Feel free to fold them, roll them, etc.
Just don't fold and snap them if you want to keep them working and looking like new for a long time.

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