Monday, September 27, 2010

Hold The Kegels!

I know many of our customers use Domino Pads not just for their period but also for incontinence so I wanted to briefly touch on this subject.
You've probably seen the suggestions for Kegel exercises. Hardly any pregnancy book is without it.
You are urged to do them even more later on especially if you are experiencing any form of incontinence. Kegels seem to be the answer to everything!
Help I pee when I sneeze/run/laugh - do Kegels!
Help my reusable menstrual cup is suddenly more leak prone - do Kegels!
How super frustrating it is though when you do those Kegels and nothing improves.
Outsiders offering advice on discussion boards and forums are quick to say you are not doing them enough or you are not doing them right or else - of course- the Kegels would have shown results.

If Kegel exercise could be measured in miles I probably have already kegeled my way around the world!

A few months back I came across a blog post about this very subject and instantly felt excited about it.
Yes sure the woman is also selling an exercise DVD so that's always a little suspicious but I strongly felt she had some really good points about the cons (yes cons!) of Kegel exercise and ideas about alternatives.

Rather than reinvent the wheel I am posting the link to that blog article here for you to consider and make up your own mind:

Pelvic Floor Party: Kegels are NOT invited

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Amanda said...

Have you bought her dvd? I haven't found hardly any reviews on it...