Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ditching the Diva

When I purchased my first reusable menstrual cup – a Diva- 4 years ago I thought it was fantastic. Unfortunately though after the second baby it really didn’t seem to be such a good fit anymore.
Extra insurance by wearing pads was definitely required. Not a big problem since as the maker of Domino Pads I have easy access to an awesome stash of pads.
For the past couple of years I heard good reviews about a new cup -the Lunette from Finland- and was curious to try it.
I was pretty excited when I got my new Lunette in its pretty little box and gorgeous sunshine yellow satin pouch.
In the size 2 one major difference I could see right away was the firmness of the silicone. The Lunette was much firmer. I thought right away 'Oh no! Softer is better. I won't like this...' but guess what!
Firmer can be better. What does it do in the case of a larger size cup? It opens up much easier.
Gone are the times of spinning the Diva around numerous times to finally get it to unfold and provide a secure fit.
The Lunette opens up for me in just a quarter turn. Voila!
I don't wear a size one but I also checked out the small Lunette and it's made with a softer silicone which is a really good match for the smaller cup.
The next noticable difference is the stem. While the Diva has a shorter round stem the Lunette has a longer soft, flat stem. Again since I sometimes found the Diva stem bothersome I thought a longer stem would be even worse but the design actually turned out to be more comfortable. The flat stem of the Lunette seems to bend and conform much more easily than the more rigid round stem of the Diva. Another point for the Lunette!

All in all in my Diva - Lunette comparison I didn't really find any draw backs to the Lunette and I did enjoy several advantages. Does it solve all of my concerns I had with the Diva?
Not completely. I still like to wear a back up pantyliner because at times I do get a little leakage. Nothing major and I might just have to reread my previous blog post ' Hold The Kegels' to get some ideas on strengthening my pelvic muscles. ;)


Crunchy Diva said...

I need to get a better cup myself I'll have to look into the Lunette. Currently I'm using the Instead Cup which is good 'trial' cup, but I need to

Adina said...

I love my Diva cup, but the only comparison I have is with the Keeper, which is much more rigid and difficult for me to use. Next time I need to buy I think I will check out the Lunette. I do notice more leakage after my recent 2nd childbirth, but I just figured it would get better as my muscles got back to normal... we shall see!