Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Winging It

I just love WindPro. Not only is it breathable and makes a great moisture barrier.
It also has this grippy quality to it that makes it stay well and not slide.
It's also fun and easy to work with since it does not fray and does not require hemming.

Here are a few things YOU can do to alter your pads wing configuration - all is easy to do thanks to WindPro's awesome qualities.

Does your love of boyshort undies interfere with your love for Domino Pads? Or do you find the length of our petite sized pads perfect but need a wider crotch area?
We got a solution for you! Simply snap in one of our extenders!

Does your faith/climate/interests/sport require your to wear underwear with long legs?
You can also easily convert your existing Domino Pads to WINGLESS. The grippy nature of the Domino Pads material and hourglass shape work well in wingless as well as long as your undergarments are not too loose fitting.


Just Barb said...

Awesome! I was wondering about extending the wings!!! Thank you :)

Julie said...

Thanks ! I was ashamed that I cut the wings of the regular pantyliner that I won (I can only wear petite sizes and the wings were way too wide for me !) It fits better this way.