Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just Perfect The Way It Is

Lately I've been working on rearranging the sewing room. I was even considering adding a TV to keep me company at night. Then I realized I already have everything I need right there.
It's still cool enough to leave the window open in the sewing room and as I was listening to the sounds outside, I was reminded how lucky I am.
It was late evening and the horses enjoyed the slight breeze, their grazing interrupted by wild chases amongst the trees. I love the sound of hooves thundering past my sewing room window.
As night fell the horses settled down and went back to the barn.
Their sounds were replaced with the chirping of the crickets in the trees and the hooting of an owl.
Sometimes I can hear the wild turkeys in the morning or the howls of coyotes in the distance at night.
And then it seems just perfect the way it is without a TV -so quiet and yet so full of sound. :)

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Heather said...

When I rearranged my sewing room I purposely left the tv out too. I find it's more of a distraction then anything. Actually I hardly watch tv anymore. I love opening my window & enjoying the birds chirping (no horses here!).