Sunday, July 27, 2008

Easy Way to Make Reusable Swiffer Pads

1.Get a package of microfiber towels. You can find these in the automotive section of most stores. They are made of 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide.

2. If you are using a green Swiffer (dry) all you have to do is trim the towels to fit your swiffer and stick the ends into the holes on top. You can serge it if you like but microfiber generally does not fray.

3. If you are using the purple Swiffer (wet) all you have to do is tri-fold the towels and sew a few lines across to turn the towel into a pad. I do two rows lengthwise and 3 across.

You won't need many rows - just enough to keep the pad stable once it gets wet.
The purple Swiffers have velcro on the bottom that sticks perfectly to your microfiber pad and will hold it in place without you having to sew velcro to your pad itself.

It takes less than a minute to make the wet pads and will be a big money saver if you have laminate or tile floors and swiffer a lot. The microfiber attracts dust and hair when dry and when wet mopping is very absorbent. It also is easy to wash and quick to dry. A very economical solution to reduce waste and save money!
Depending on your floor it may take a little more 'push' to wet mop with this pad. I have found no difference on my ceramic tile floor but I have to push a little harder on my laminate floor. On the plus side though the disposables never got my laminate clean. As soon as it dried I could see little greasy hand prints again! With the microfiber pads I get it clean in one swoop. :)

The pads can then go in the washer and dryer to be used again.


Woolen Wishes for Baby said...

I have been using old prefolds. I will give this a try, though!

ChildishThoughts said...

You are soo smart and awesome, thanks for this idea Karin.

babythebaby said...

yup, I have sacrificed and old Target prefold for that too :) Never tried micro, and I have some, so definitly will try. THANK YOU! :)

Joelle said...

I LOVE this idea!! Im always doing this!!!Thank so much!
Happy FAll!
Joelle XO

AmyLynn said...

This is great. My husband will be over the moon on this one. It is the little things that are big...thanks!

Gem said...

Awesome -- I use the microfiber towels for pocket diaper inserts, but now I can re-purpose them when Fiona is using the potty in a couple of years!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, and thanks for describing the exact material in microfiber. Very helpful!

rosie said...

thanks! i hate wasting all those swiffer pads. these cloths are washable? are there washing instructions on them?

mamaslittlemonkeys said...

You just throw em in the wash with your other towels and what not!

Anonymous said...

hmm, i wonder if i can use the old microfiber inserts from my pocket diapers?